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BMW M5 CS: The Best Four-Wheel Machine on the Road


Overview of BMW M5 CS

It is generally believed that the reputation and popularity BMW has achieved in the last few decades are all due to its M3. It is also true that the BMW M5 has significantly played a role in taking the legacy along.

The BMW M5 CS is a high-performing car with a unique blend of driving dynamics, power, design, and exclusivity. It is a four-door sedan that goes well in every situation. This vehicle has Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, allowing maximum grip.

Let us see what more this car has to offer.


Origin and Evolution

When we look into the history of the M5, it is evident that the M5 made its debut in the early 1960s. The CS Series then was known as “Coupe Sport.” This vehicle was a complete line of luxury grand touring coupes that later started as sports sedans, well-known and popular for distinct style and performance.

So, the lineage of the CS began with the 2000 CS in the year 1965 as a coupe with a sleek and stylish design. This legacy was later carried by the E9 coupes, including the legendary BMW 3.0 CSL "Batmobile," which achieved a lot of popularity in motorsport. In the 1980s, BMW developed the 6 Series CS, featuring the famous 635 CSi, a top-performing coupe.

Later in the 2000s, BMW came up with the CS badge, featuring the BMW Concept CS in 2007—this showcased the vehicle with more aggressive design language. In recent years, BMW introduced the M2 CS and M3 CS, which are some high-performing variants of the M2 and M3 models, respectively. They offered agile handling and increased power.

Moving ahead, we now have the M5 CS.


The production of this vehicle started in March 2021 and possesses some notable differences from its previous models. While M5 cars have always been super powerful, being one of the world's fastest production cars, let us see what the M5 CS model holds.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

If you open the bonnet of the BMW M5 CS, you will see an existing M5 engine, a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8. This engine is known to deliver 627 horses and a torque of 553 lb-ft. This vehicle also comes standard with carbon-ceramic brake rotors. There is no change in the suspension; however, it is returned to go along with the lighter tires and brakes.

BMW M5 CS Engine
BMW M Power Engine in the BMW M5 CS

Another exciting thing is its 70kg weight reduction in the M5 CS, which is not easy to pull with all the safety requirements other specs such a car would carry. This one is 256 lb lighter than its regular version. The M5 CS also features two heat extractor vents in the car's bonnet.

Exploring the Interior Features
Interior of the BMW M5 CS
Interior of the BMW M5 CS

The interior of the M5 CS is relatively straightforward, with two front and two rear seats and a steering wheel. This vehicle has reduced a lot of weight; hence, we do not see things like the center console as they also shave off some weight. However, there is generous space for door bins and gloveboxes. All those weight-reduction treatments converted it from a typical five-seater sedan to a four-seater vehicle.

Steering and other interior features in the BMW M5 CS
Steering and other interior features in the BMW M5 CS

The seats are in black Merino leather with Mugello red accents and contrast stitching. They are also heated and electrically adjustable. These carbon-backed buckets have unnecessary borders, bolstered heavily on the thigh and back areas. They prove helpful in giving support when cornering.

BMW M5 CS Seat

Color Options

The M5 CS has only three exterior color options to choose from. You will find it in the following colors:

● Brands Hatch gray

● Frozen Brands Hatch gray metallic

● Frozen Deep Green metallic

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

In terms of technology and infotainment, the M5 CS excels pretty well. There is an exhaustive list of infotainment features that this vehicle carries. Therefore, being the owner, you should stay updated with the latest technology to make the most out of its features.

BMW M5 CS Infotainment

You begin with the 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen and the standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You will also find a Head-up display, wireless phone charging, automatic tailgate, four-zone climate control, ambient lighting, and M Driver's Package.

Overall, it's a hub of technology.

Space and Storage in BMW M5 CS

The trunk space in the BMW M5 CS is quite decent, offering 14 cubic feet of storage. Loading and unloading the luggage is also easier. However, you don't have the flexibility to expand the storage space, as you usually do in most modern cars by folding the rear seats. Since the rear seatbacks can be folded due to bucket seats, there is also no armrest for the back. An ample storage space from the trunk and many small items from the front have gone.

Safety Features

There is a wide range of advanced safety features in the BMW M5 CS to make driving safe while enhancing the driver's experience. The vehicle has high-end BMW model features like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, multiple airbags, and automatic emergency braking. You will also see driver assistance systems, including surround view cameras and adaptive headlights. They help prevent accidents by improving visibility.

The robust chassis and advanced traction control systems add those final touches to make the car well-equipped and safe for the road.

BMW M5 CS's Stand Among Competitors

BMW M5 CS has fierce competition in the high-performing sports sedan segment. One of its notable rivals, the Audi RS7, doesn't hesitate to deliver a stylish design with a powerful engine while maintaining a comfortable ride. BMW M5 CS only has a sharper handling against all RS7 delivers.

BMW M5 CS Front

Similarly, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S boasts a powerful V8 engine. Its cabin is loaded with luxuries and some high-end technology features. Still, many users say that the ride and driving dynamics of the BMW M5 CS are far better than its Mercedes rival.


Delivers compelling performance

Contains a high-quality and luxurious interior

Advanced suspension allows for precise handling

Super comfortable seats, holding passengers in place


It comes with a substantial price tag

The ride quality is quite stiff

It doesn’t offer an excellent fuel economy

Decoding Fuel Economy of BMW M5 CS

BMW M5 CS Side View

According to the EPA, the M5 CS gives 15 mpg in the city and 21 on the highway, having a combined rating of 17 mpg. The city mpg can be taken up to 17.6, provided a full tank and the typical city roads.


The 2022 BMW M5 CS is only available for one model year and starts at $142,000. Indeed, the price is significantly high, but this car's value is worth all that cash.

Drive Abilities

BMW M5 CS Drive

The M5 CS is among those quick internal combustion engine cars, as it goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. This vehicle can complete a quarter mile in just 10.9 seconds at 127.5 mph. This car offers precise and agile handling and is very composed in cornering.

The M5 CS proves that BMW has been working on its powertrain for years. The engine also works super freely and smoothly. Overall, the functioning and running of the car is seamless. This car seems dominant on the road, giving comfort in long-distance and spirited driving.


Undoubtedly, the BMW M5 CS is one superlative sedan. It has a fantastic grip, top-class power, and a ferocious engine. The lavish interior makes it fun to be in the car. This production line is perfect for those car enthusiasts looking for power, comfort, and refinement all in one vehicle. Nonetheless, this vehicle has a steep price tag and a lot of thirst for fuel. The ride can also be super firm on rough roads.

It is an extraordinary vehicle, presenting just the perfect combination of performance and style in a luxury sedan. If you can afford it, go ahead, as this car combines power and prestige.

BMW M5 CS Back

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What new features are available in the latest model of BMW M5 CS?

There is a slight increase in its power, while a bit of reduction in its weight. The M5 CS has a four-passenger capacity with rear performance seats.

What is so special about the BMW M5 CS?

There is a V8 engine in this vehicle, along with optimized turbochargers, with a max injection pressure of 350 bar. That said, it provides quicker injection time, thus helping improve fuel atomization.

How much fuel does the BMW M5 consume?

BMW claims its CS LSI can consume 10.5L/100km only in the combined cycle.

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