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The Acura TLX Type S - Redefining Luxury

Acura TLX Type S

Overview of Acura TLX Type S

With every passing day, we witness manufacturers pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver high-performance vehicles. Undoubtedly, the competition today is massive, and we see cutting-edge technologies emerging every day. One of the remarkable vehicles we see today is the Acura TLX Type S. It won't be wrong to say that this vehicle possesses some striking design features, with an aggressive front grille. The sculpted bodylines and distinctive Jewel Eye LED headlights make it stand out among the cars of its type. It's just the perfect vehicle, carrying the right balance of sportiness and refinement. Apart from the attractive appearance, it provides the drivers with an equally engaging driving experience, keeping the passengers comfortable.

Let's delve in and find out more about Acura TLX Type S.

Acura TLX Type S Wheel

Origin and Evolution

The luxury vehicle division of Honda is Acura, which has a rich heritage of cars that master both comfort and performance. Acura TLX is a midsize luxury sedan that debuted back in 2014. It combines the top qualities of two exceptional models: TL and TSX. The model TLX has always been known for elegance, performance, and the perfect blend of advanced technology. As Acura continued fine-tuning the TLX, we witnessed the TLX Type S in 2021. This marked the return of a high-performance variant of the Acura TLX.

The 2021 model underwent significant design changes to reach where it is now. The appearance of the Type S model is sportier and more aggressive. There's some bold body sculpting with a diamond-pentagon grille and Jewel Eye LED headlights. Pure athleticism can be sensed from the exterior of the Type S.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency

There's no doubt that this beast excels in power and efficiency, thereby delivering an engaging and well-rounded experience. Under the hood, you will see a 3.0-liter V6 engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger that produces 355 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle takes just 4.5 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. All this shows the formidable performance credentials.

Acura TLX Type S Under the Hood

The Acura TLX Type S is coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission. You won't be disappointed with its precise gear shifts as it optimizes fuel efficiency and power delivery. However, it is sad that TLX Type S is less fuel-efficient than its rivals.

One fantastic feature is its superior handling due to the all-wheel drive system. This makes the car more stable and enhances its cornering capabilities and overall performance.

Exploring the Interior Features

You will find the interior of TLX Type S to be very typical, as in any normal TLX. A lot of space is offered at the front of the cabin, making it easy to enter and sit. The headroom and legroom are also plenty. Premium leather upholstery and genuine aluminum accents are used to adorn the interior. You will find the seating a lot more supportive and comfortable. They come with power adjustments for both the driver and the passenger seats.

Acura TLX Type S Interior

The rear seats also offer adequate space to sit comfortably and enjoy long rides. Moreover, to improve the ambiance, there's thoughtful interior lighting, including ambient lighting. These work too well during the nighttime as they improve the car's aesthetics and set the mood.

Acura TLX Type S Interior

Interior Color Options

Depending on the trim level and model, you will find Acura TLX Type S in various colors. Here's what you will typically find:

● Red leather - gives a bold and sporty touch

● Two-tone - adds a touch of sophistication

● Ebony - gives a timeless look

● Graystone - adds a lighter and airy touch to the interior

Acura TLX Type S Intertior

Exploring the Infotainment Technology

While the rest of the Acura TLX, we cannot deny it has a problematic infotainment system. This is majorly due to its control features. You might face occasional connecting issues.

Acura TLX Type S Infotainment

Besides that, you will find the audio and navigation up to the mark. The system also supports Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto. There’s also that standard wireless charging option available. However, unlike other luxury sedans, you will not find USB ports or power outlets for rear passengers.

Acura TLX Type S Infotainment

Space and Storage in Acura TLX Type S

There's adequate space in the car to accommodate the driver's and passengers' belongings very well. Type S's trunk is 13.5 cubic feet, more significant than most of its rivals. Though there's quite a wide opening that lets you get access to the trunk, its short decklid acts as an obstacle in reaching the deep side of the car's trunk.

Acura TLX Type S Trunk

The space is enough to keep all items, including luggage, groceries, transport, etc. This space works just perfectly for everyday use and quick road trips.

Other than that, there's a good amount of storage solutions throughout the cabin of TLX Type S. You will find deep door pockets, a center console, cupholders placed at the perfect positions, and similar small compartments here and there for small items. The rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 split to save space for holding oversized items while retaining passenger seats.

Safety Features

When looking into the safety features of the Acura TLX Type S, you will find a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features that enhance driver experience no matter where you are on the road.

For instance, the car has automatic emergency braking and a forward collision warning system that helps avoid collisions. It is also incorporated with several other features like lane-keeping assist, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert. All these somehow contribute to improved awareness of the car's surroundings.

Acura TLX Type S’s Stand Among Competitors

Undoubtedly, the Acura TLX Type S stands tall among its rivals with its exceptional features. Whether we talk about technology, performance, or comfort, Type S competes well in all the categories.

Acura TLX Type S White

One of the top rivals of Type S is the BMW 3 Series M340i, which is well-known for its sporty dynamics. This vehicle competes well in every aspect, but the only reason Type S stands out is the cost advantage. Besides that, the All-Wheel Drive system of Type S and its V6 engine help it compete with the BMW.

Audi S4 is another rival for its top-notch performance and all-wheel-drive system. Still, the Audi S4 couldn't beat the handling and stability that the SH-AWD system of Type S provides. The lower starting price is another advantage that makes Type S an attractive choice for most sedan sporty lovers.


Amazing steering and brake feel

The AWD systems enhance handling

Striking and sporty design

ELS Studio 3D premium audio system provides top-notch sound quality


Not much fuel efficient compared to rivals

Complex infotainment system

Limited rear-seat space

Decoding Fuel Economy of Acura TLX Type S

The estimated fuel efficiency of Acura TLX Type S on the highway is 25 to 26 MPG, while it is 19 to 21 MPG in the city. This can be considered average for most AWD sporty luxury sedans of this category.

You will see a low fuel warning glowing just after covering 500 km, indicating it’s not much of that cross-country cruiser.

Acura TLX Type S Side view



In essence, the Acura TLX Type S is an attractive choice when picking a luxury sports sedan segment. The top reason the Type S is a beautiful vehicle is its high-performing engine and superior handling, all hail to the all-wheel-drive system. Besides that, its exhilarating power, top-notch exterior, and impressive agility are the cherry on top. The balance between its performance and practicality is even more special. The striking interior, supporting seating, space, and well-equipped infotainment system provide a much stronger value proposition than most rivals. Finally, the Acura TLX Type S has a lower starting point to stand out and make a compelling choice for people looking for a luxury sports sedan without punching a hole in their pockets.

Acura TLX Type S Back view

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any warranty coverage for the TLX Type S?

Though the warranty of Acura TLX Type S varies significantly with the region, it usually includes a powertrain warranty, limited warranty, and additional coverage for some specific components.

What are the most common problems found in Acura TLX Type S?

Infotainment system glitches have been reported as the most common issue in Acura TLX Type S.

Is it a good vehicle for long-distance driving?

Absolutely! Acura TLX Type S is a fantastic vehicle for long-distance driving. Its high-quality material makes it a super comfortable car that supports you throughout the drive.

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