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The Powerful and Executive Kia K8

Updated: Oct 19

Kia K8 in front of a building in town

Embrace the Stylish Beast, Kia K8

Having dropped the Cadenza or the K7 from global markets, Kia decided to replace the dropped K7 with its successor- the Kia K7. Pain is still that the Kia K8 has also not been introduced to some global markets, including the States, and we might not be able to experience it in the future. This is because there is no such demand for these big sedans in the US, so the K8 won’t be sold stateside by Kia.

Returning to the excellence of the Kia K8, it falls under the executive category of cars because of its futuristic and mean looks. Also, the K8 is the first to embrace the new Kia badge shown on its hood and trunk lid. Not only does this car impress with its bold and eye-catching silhouette and contouring, but it’s also pretty impressive with its performance credentials. With various inline-4s and V6s under the hood, the Kia K8 is one of the best in the Kia’s lineup of magnificent cars. You can learn more about Kia’s lineup here.

Kia K8 in front of modern house from back

Kia K8’s journey

Kia K8s, one in silver and the other in black

This model did not make it to most parts of the global market, so little information about it is known. The Kia K8 is assembled in South Korea: Hwaseong. It went on sale on 8th April 2021. Based on the Hyundai Grandeur, the Kia K8 was very much liked when its pictures came out on 17th February 2021.

Trims of the Kia K8 and its power

The Kia K8 is known to have four trims. As stated earlier, this model does possess powerful engines such as the 2.5-liter in-line four-cylinder and the V6. This also comes in a hybrid trim to ensure daily-driven practicality. Following are the edges of the Kia K8.


Smartstream G 1.6 T

Smartstream G 2.5

Smartstream G 3.5

Smartstream L 3.5 LPI


1.6 liter turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder

2.5 liter in-line 4-cylinder

3.5 liter V6

3.5 liter V6 LPI







350 Nm

248 Nm

359 Nm

314 Nm


6-speed automatic

8-speed automatic

8-speed automatic

8-speed automatic

0-60 mph (official)



6.9 s


Odd factors about the Kia K8’s engines

Kia K8 V6 engine

The hybrid trim uses a 1.6-liter inline 4-cylinder engine and a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, producing impressive horsepower and torque. The ornaments 2.5 and 3.5-liter V6 engines use the Gasoline Direct Injection system (GDI). However, the Starstream 3.5 LPI trim uses a liquid propane injection system, producing slightly less power and torque than the GDI system engine.

Powertrain layout

All the trims of the Kia K8 are front-engined front-wheel drive as standard. But an all-wheel-drive system is optional in the higher-power decorations which use the 3.5-liter V6 engines.

Flawless exterior of the Kia K8

Kia K8 3rd angle in silver grey

The classy and relatively rare tiger nose grille is incorporated in the front, differentiating the K8 from all other models. The design of the grille is somewhat like an intricate diamond lattice pattern. A diamond chrome finish stretches from below the doors to below the tail lights.

Kia K8 top side angle

Overall, the body of the Kia K8 is designed to show royalty and is sporty simultaneously with that fastback rear and dropping shoulders. At the end of the sleek roofline, a tailored spoiler sits clean with the futuristic LED tail light clusters below doing their magic just like most new Kia models, such as the Kia K5 or the Kia Stinger.

The interior is no less than an automotive lounge.

Kia K8 interior

Inside is the panoramic curved display in which the digital cluster and the infotainment screen are linked, 12 inches long.

Kia K8 infotainment and AC controls

The AC system is also controlled through a touchpad, and Dynamic Voice Recognition technology is also installed, which can process simple voice commands to save the drivers’ multitasking efforts. A practical, modern, and easy-to-use system for the owners has been the main focus of the Kia K8’s interior. The center console is optimally positioned for the driver and the front passenger, featuring wood-based cupholders and glossy soft-touch switches.

Kia K8 interior 2

According to the automaker, every element inside the K8’s cabin is made up of wood.

Kia K8’s Erg-Motion seats

Kia K8 Erg motion seat options

All the charm about the Kia K8’s interior lies in its eight-way adjustable comfort electric Ergo-Motion seats and their technology, which uses seven air pockets to provide maximum or desired comfort to the passengers. There are three modes in the seats’ comfort:

  • Comfort stretching

  • Smart support

  • Posture assistance

Kia K8 seats, front and rear

Comfort stretching

This mode causes the air pockets of the hip and backrest areas to stretch while sitting down.

Smart support

This function stiffens the seat against the body of the driver. It functions when sport mode is selected, or the vehicle's speed exceeds 81 mph. This function also lowers the height of the hip area of the seat and toughens the sustenance to the side bolsters.

Posture assistance

To provide improved comfort when driving for more than one hour, this mode engages and adjusts the air pockets around the seat's hip and back areas.

The all-new steering design with a 14-speaker premium surround sound system, fully connected armrest with a USB port, sliding cup holders, and a media control device is also available.

Safety features

The Kia K8 has a variety of advanced driver assistance system features, such as

  • Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA),

  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA),

  • Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC),

  • Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2),

  • Surround View Monitor (SVM),

  • Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA) as well as Remote

  • Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)

How much worth is the Kia K8?

Most information about the availability of different technologies on different trims is still unknown, so the all-star Kia K8 is priced at $29,000 to $40,000.

The void regarding the Kia K8

Kia K8 in a tunnel with lights on

Unfortunately, the stateside hasn’t been able to experience this pure class of the Kia K8 as it still hasn’t hit various global markets. But who wouldn’t want to live this car’s absolute charm? Only knowing facts and figures and not being able to feel this work of art leaves a hollow space in petrolheads’ hearts who cherish sportiness and luxury.

What’s your take on the Kia K8, Mr. Vice President?

Senior Vice President and head of Kia Global Design Center Karim Habib said:

“While paying homage to the K7, the K8 looks to the future. Its progressive exterior takes on character and emotion. It combines those qualities with an expressive-looking front and a dynamic swooping rear, giving the K8 a high-quality, premium presence that takes direct inspiration from some of the world’s most technically advanced yachts.”


Kia K8 under a starry sky at night

Looking at just the facts and figures, the Kia K8 seems to be incredibly spot-on. The stats satisfy, the visuals are pleasing, and it is undoubtedly believed to be a strong competitor in its class of executive cars. The super light and fast Kia K8 can take on any competitor in the market. It’s tough to believe that all these features, luxury, and sportiness are available at such an affordable price.


What is the Kia K8 and what sets it apart from other sedans?

The Kia K8 is a luxurious executive sedan that combines futuristic design, powerful engine options, and innovative features. It stands out with its stylish exterior, advanced technology, and comfortable Ergo-Motion seats.

Is the Kia K8 available in the United States, and what is its price range?

Unfortunately, the Kia K8 is not available in the United States due to limited demand for large sedans. However, its price range in other markets typically falls between $29,000 and $40,000, offering a luxurious experience at an affordable price.

What kind of driving experience can I expect from the Kia K8?

The Kia K8 offers a smooth and comfortable driving experience, especially in its higher-power trims. With its precise steering and advanced suspension system, it provides stability on both highways and curvy roads, ensuring an enjoyable ride.

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